Top The Pali Tour – Private Tour Only

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Top the Pali Tour

WOW is all that we can say! This is our most extreme hiking tour with roughly 1,100 feet elevation change over seven hours. Climbing to about 1,650 feet in elevation, here you will be rewarded with the most breath taking views of both the coastal shoreline and lava fields…as well as a 1 hour viewing of the Pu’u O’o Crater once we reach the top! We will meet at 7:00 AM and return around 2:00 PM.

  • Only Aloha Lava Tours Offers this Excursion
  • Extreme and Very Advanced Hikers Only
  • Four Person Minimum
  • 150.00 Per Person (for distance)
  • 140.00 Per Person for Parties over 5 People
  • 140.00 for Military Personnel
  • Tour Time: 7 Hours (Day tour only)

Top the Pali Tour Description

It just so happens that we our only company that offers this excursion. This tour has a 4 person minimum requirement. The Guide will accompany you from our lower lot gate up to our private farm to start your long adventure from their. Cheryl may just hook you up with some fresh fruit off our farm as pack for the climb. My favorite trek is about to begin as we climb from our tiki bar to the of the Pali, we will climb to about 1650 feet in elevation to reach the top! Starting around 7:00 am and returning around 2:00 pm, we will hike 3 hours out, 3 hours back and have 1 hour to view the epic lava filled Pu’u O’o Crater. Keep in mind this is no easy feat, hikers must be capable of completing this tour, so it is for extreme and very advanced hikers only with NO health or physical issues.

Plenty of water and lunch is a must as we play next to the active lava grounds. The pali flows combined with spectacular views are the only way to go! The Royal gardens where Jack Thompson Lived as the last remaining home owner for years until home was consumed by lava on March of 2012 will be only a stones throw away as we pass. This tour is not offered at night due to terrain and length of time required. Hikers with the ability and huge heart will love this elevated tour. See you at the top!!

Client Testimonial

“The hike… was a great workout, educational, and fun… They are well prepared, well planned, and a pleasure to be around with all the aloha spirit they exude. They genuinely care about your safety and that you have an amazing time. Just an overall great and entertaining time, including the occasional corny joke from Scott, which added to the fun.”

Reviewer, Trip Advisor