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Surface Flows vs Ocean Entry, Vote for Your Favorite!

Welcome to our surface flow vs ocean entry poll here at Aloha Lava Tours, offering the best lava hikes on the Big Island of Hawaii. Over the years I have often wondered how our guests felt about there favorite flows on this unique and at times crazy lava tour. We would like to ask all of our past guests and new followers to participate in the poll of a lifetime, Surface flows Vs. Ocean entry! Join this heated lava poll by leaving a comment on your favorite flow!


Journey to the seaLets start with the up close and personal surface flow, where as for some of us it has be extremely hot at times. The flow on the surface can be very slow moving at times allowing the guests to admire the molten hot 1600 degree goo, as it flows over existing old lava. Some of you have seen the large and fast moving surface breakouts up close and melted some shoes in the taking. This close call, heat under the feet tour can be nerve racking to some and down right exhilarating to others. The flow continues advancing through a hardened shell and is a perfect user friendly place to take those up close photos and listen to the cracking lava pop as it advances. Here is where your personal time with Pele is truly personal. But remember there’s no ocean involved!


Journey to the seaNow on to the ocean front property you have always wanted. At the ocean where you enjoy the hot molten lava entering the sea by shear force backed by the volcano it’s self. Moving along ledge as you know to enjoy the best seat in the house while taking in the awesome view from the cliffs 60 ft in the air. At this location the flows are massive pulsing out from the new formed lava bench in many locations and at night the sky lights up like a fire from the glow. Firework fly as the hot lava splatters into the sea. You can rest on he rocks, watch from many different locations and take those once in a lifetime photos. Here the ocean plays a spectacular role as it washing out large chunks of hot floating lava from the shoreline as it creates thus new black sand beach. But remember there’s no getting up close!!

Just vote for your favorite type of flow, Surface Flows vs Ocean Entry, and then comment on why you picked that particular one.

Would you rather see lava crawl across land or spill into the ocean?

Please enjoy and have fun commenting. As always, big Mahalo to you all. -Scott and Cheryl

About the Author

Scott Collamore

Scott owns Aloha Lava Tours with his beautiful wife Cheryl. An avid hiker and professional lava enthusiast, Scott has design experience creating hiking trails for Teller County Parks and Recreation in the gold mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado. After years of enjoying the cool mountain ranges, the opportunity to work on an engineering project in Hawaii came and he took it! Now he hikes to the lava at least 4 times a week and heads back to Colorado every fall to get time up in the mountains.

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  1. I vote for surface flows cause I want to be able to get up close!

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