Lava Flow Conditions

Get close and feel the heat!

Aloha Lava Tours on Private Land, We Get So Close to Lava That You Can Feel the Heat!

See Lava Outside of Hawaii Volcano National Park

The Hawaii volcano national park offers some great trail hikes and some views of the craters bellowing out smoke high into the sky.To enter the park costs about $10.00 per vehicle and is probably well worth the time spent to see the history and educational information on the Kilauea Volcano. You can drive around on some of the roads through the park, well only if they’re not closed due to the bad air from the crater vents. The Jager Museum is always a fun place to visit and has some great gifts for family and friends.

That’s were it all stops!

If your entire vacation plan was to see lava inside of the Hawaii Volcano National Park the rangers will sometimes let you head down to the end of old Chain of Craters Road to spot a glimpse of or possibly see lava glowing off in the distance of about 7 miles. They very seldom speak of the best place to get up close and personal with Madam Pele due to the fact that lava is on private property in Kalapana.

Journey to the sea

Enjoy your time in Hawaii National Park then head straight to Kalapana and give us a call if you REALLY want to see lava up close.

We offer an advanced hike to see lava outside of the National Park that will etched in your mind for the rest of your life. I suggest you plan your next vacation to Hawaii around the trip people keep talking about and with a profession company like Aloha Lava Tours that ensures your safety and gets you to actually see lava flowing into the sea and not just blowing smoke.

In Kalapana our property rests on the edge of the lava fields and provides us with the best starting location out of all the touring companies, which enables you to see lava in action.

About the Author

Scott Collamore

Scott owns Aloha Lava Tours with his beautiful wife Cheryl. An avid hiker and professional lava enthusiast, Scott has design experience creating hiking trails for Teller County Parks and Recreation in the gold mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado. After years of enjoying the cool mountain ranges, the opportunity to work on an engineering project in Hawaii came and he took it! Now he hikes to the lava at least 4 times a week and heads back to Colorado every fall to get time up in the mountains.

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  1. We are interested in a tour that gets us very close to the lava flows. Will be driving from Kono to stay at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel on Feb. 10, 2015. Will be available all day and the evening on the 10th. How much of a hike is it to the lava flows? What is the cost per person? How do we arrange tours? Please send me any information that you believe would be helpful. Very excited about the possibilities. Thank you.
    Ray Sears, 1795 Waters Edge Drive, Pleasant Hill. Iowa 50327 515-270-1774

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