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  • Cheryl Collamore

    Cheryl operates Aloha Lava Tours with her husband Scott Collamore (to the right).

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    Cheryl Collamore

    Owner & Tour Guide

  • Scott Collamore

    Scott operates Aloha Lava Tours. He also updates alohalavatours.com’s blog regularly.

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    Scott Collamore

    Owner & Tour Guide

  • Kristy

    Kristy is a total lava geek and loves guiding new people from all over the world to the flows!

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    Tour Guide

“The tour owner and our guide, Cheryl, was FANTASTIC! We were watching land being formed right in front of our eyes — simply breathtaking.”

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Cheryl Collamore

I have lived in Hawaii since 1982, moving from Alaska. Purchased this 21 acre parcel in 1985 (after the first lava flowed across the property taking 2 homes and a sanctuary). Thinking that it wouldn’t happen again, (by the lay of the land), we bulldozed the road back in again, and then planted 3000 coconut trees on ten acres. Well, once again the lava flowed across the property and took the road, half the acreage and 1500 of the coconut trees, along with 750 Singapore Plumeria trees. As with everybody else who lived in Kalapana, we evacuated, leaving behind only memories of what it once was.

“As with everybody else who lived in Kalapana, we evacuated, leaving behind only memories of what it once was.Spent some time on the mainland in Santa Barbara, CA. Took a vacation to the Big Island for the first time in 9 years, it just happened to be 9-11-2001. I took refuge at the farm. There was no other place to go. Looking at the trees, they were in such poor condition, it was a shame. Decided I either needed to do something with the farm, taking care of the trees – or else sell.

So it was, take care of the trees! I sold everything in California and moved back to Hawaii to live on the farm. For 8 years we hiked in and out 1 mile each way, (still no roads at the time) packing in 50 lb. bags of fertilizer, building supplies, food and whatever else that was needed to live totally off the grid. Then, I met Scotty and we started “Aloha Lava Tours” and began giving our guests the opportunity of a lifetime to get close enough to the lava to melt your shoes! Lol

Big Mahalo Plenty, Cheryl

“Scott and Cheryl were humorous and professional, telling stories and sharing facts about eruptions and how it affected the land, themselves and their neighbors.”

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Scott Collamore

Hiking and hunting in the back country of the Colorado Rocky Mountain’s consumed any free time I had in my younger day’s. I worked for Teller County parks and recreation where we designed and created hiking trails along the lower slopes of the Pikes Peak region and within the surrounding area’s of the gold mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado. In the outdoors I seem to find the time to reflect on the positive attributes of life and not so much the negative ones.

In the outdoors I seem to find the time to reflect on the positive attributes of life and not so much on the negative ones.After years of enjoying the cool Mountain ranges, the opportunity to work in Hawaii on a project came about and I took it. The engineering company placed me in Hilo Hawaii on a two year project, which turned out to about four years.

One day while working in Hilo I met a sweet and nice looking lady named Cheryl and we hit off, she showed me her beautiful 20 acre farm next to the active lava flows where we hiked into it for many year after since the roads had been destroyed by lava flows from 1989. One night at our farm around the campfire we decided that with Cheryl’s years of lava knowledge and my hiking experience it must be our fate to start Aloha Lava Tours. Now we hike at least 4 times a week, stay in good shape and I still head back in the fall to get time up in the mountains.

Mahalo, Scott

“We met Kristy, her daughter Olivia and husband Allen a couple of years ago when they moved back to the Big Island after living in Montana.  We recognized her lifelong athleticism (a tennis enthusiast) and outgoing personality and we were thrilled when she accepted our offer to be part of Aloha Lava Tours. Since then Kristy has proven to be a reliable, skilled and valuable member of our team.”

Cheryl & Scott


Aloha!  My name is Kristy and I’m a total lava geek! I love hiking out to the lava flows!  Each hike is a new adventure and I never know what we’re going to see. I enjoy meeting and spending time with people from all over the world.  I am a guide as well as an observer while guests experience an event of a lifetime.  I feel a powerful personal and spiritual connection to Pele.  As a show of appreciation, respect and aloha I do a ho’okupu (an offering) every time I’m out there.  Each offering is unique and given from my heart.  The exercise, fresh air and mind blowing scenery can’t be matched.  Cheryl and I enjoy what we call “Lava Talk”, conversations she and I have where we go over the details of each hike, the people, challenges we faced and memories made…it never gets old!

Keep in mind, this hike is challenging and you want to be in the right mindset.  Having said that, the payoff is huge!  Join us and you’ll know what I’m talking about! Let’s Do This!

Aloha, Kristy!