Massive Moutian Flows


We all left our property around 4:30 pm aboard the magma mover truck.  As we headed with our packs full we could see off in the distance some really crazy massive  lava flowing down the mountain side know as the pali. There must have been about 8 large rivers flowing down the side of the hill.   The guests were from Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and Atlanta Georgia.  When we approached the base of the pali, we found multiple small breakouts th(at were perfect to get up close and shoot some awesome evening sunset photos with people. We then did what we do best and proceeded to hike about another 1/4 mile to get within a few feet from a river flow about 8ft long.  Aloha lava Tours hiking stands alone when it comes to giving our guests the best.  No other companies could be found!!  IMG_1001

About the Author

Scott Collamore

Scott owns Aloha Lava Tours with his beautiful wife Cheryl. An avid hiker and professional lava enthusiast, Scott has design experience creating hiking trails for Teller County Parks and Recreation in the gold mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado. After years of enjoying the cool mountain ranges, the opportunity to work on an engineering project in Hawaii came and he took it! Now he hikes to the lava at least 4 times a week and heads back to Colorado every fall to get time up in the mountains.

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