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The Must Ask Questions When Booking With a Lava Tour Company

Are they properly insured, experienced and knowledgeable? Check out these pointers from Aloha Lava Tours co-owner.

Key Factors When Choosing a Lava Tour Company

Keep in mind when you start searching online or from recommendations made by your bed and breakfast where you may be staying, that you take the time to research all of the companies offering guided lava tours in Kalapana Hawaii. This should be of the utmost importance. I would suggest weighing all key factors in reputation, safety, liability insurance and professionalism often displayed within their testimonial’s on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and more.

Other “Guides”

Kalapana offers a wide variety of people living on the edge of the lava and are out to make a buck. These so called ‘companies’ and small outfits do not carry insurance or even take any responsibility for your well-being and that should be a huge concern for you when your vacation and health depends on a safe tour.

guided-tour-company-hawaii-webNow don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people starting a lava touring company to make some extra money, but when you come to the Big Island to fulfill your lifetime dream of getting up close to hot lava, you should really know that the company you choose has you and your loved one’s best interests in mind. Take the time to know as much as possible about each tour company and don’t be shy to ask the important questions regarding safety and procedure.
Remember: this hike is not just a walk in the park, people stumble and fall, lava is sharp, jagged and unforgiving.

The Best Tour Guide Companies

The time it takes for you to research a company’s website and ask these questions pales in comparison to an injury out on the lava field with a uninsured and unqualified “tour guide” trying to make some cash. We want you to enjoy your lava hike, take photos and leave the rest up to Aloha Lava Tours: a qualified, safety first company. Hele On!!

How about you?

Have you had any good, great or terrible experiences with a touring company on the Hawaiian Islands?

Mahalo, Scott

About the Author

Scott Collamore

Scott owns Aloha Lava Tours with his beautiful wife Cheryl. An avid hiker and professional lava enthusiast, Scott has design experience creating hiking trails for Teller County Parks and Recreation in the gold mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado. After years of enjoying the cool mountain ranges, the opportunity to work on an engineering project in Hawaii came and he took it! Now he hikes to the lava at least 4 times a week and heads back to Colorado every fall to get time up in the mountains.


  1. Any chance you now provide transportation from Kona? Or know anyone we could hire to drive there on Oct. 7?

  2. how far are you from the Kona resort area and do you provide transportation

    • Scott

      Aloha Matt We are about 2.5 hours from Kona on the Hilo/ Kalapana side if you go over the saddle road. Sorry we don’t have the capabilities to provide any transportation at this time. We hope you can find away to take or tour because its truly a awesome hike to the active lava. Mahalo Scott

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