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Surface Flows vs Ocean Entry, Vote for Your Favorite!

Welcome to our surface flow vs ocean entry poll here at Aloha Lava Tours, offering the best lava hikes on the Big Island of Hawaii. Over the years I have often wondered how our guests felt about there favorite flows on this unique and at times

Take care and beware of your footware

if your shoes don’t last the entire trip, it’s a long way back in just your socks!

Take care and beware of your footwear!

People love to sign up for our tour then show up with all kinds of footwear, everything from slippers to cowboy boots. I know how we all love our old comfortable hiking shoes that fit oh so good, but for this advanced lava hike you must inspect

Feeling the Heat Under their Feet

Aloha Lava Tour Guests Enjoying a Fresh Lava Flow while Trekking Across the Lava Fields of the Big Island

Active Lava Continues Its Mystical Ocean Path

Last nights lava tour to the ocean once again proved to be spectacular, with hot molting lava slowly dripping from the 60 ft sea cliffs into the hard pounding waves of the great pacific ocean. The Guided Tour The guests of Aloha Lava Tours