Lava Flow Conditions

Feeling the Heat Under their Feet

Aloha Lava Tour Guests Enjoying a Fresh Lava Flow while Trekking Across the Lava Fields of the Big Island

Active Lava Continues Its Mystical Ocean Path

Last nights lava tour to the ocean once again proved to be spectacular, with hot molting lava slowly dripping from the 60 ft sea cliffs into the hard pounding waves of the great pacific ocean.

The Guided Tour

Journey to the sea The guests of Aloha Lava Tours converged upon the lava with there sticks of glory, as they hit the trail in search of the slow moving active lava fields. The group of five were guided by Sarah Beth the youngest guide in our company, with a strong knowledge of how the lava flows are created and degree in outdoor Education, she’s perfect for the job.

The group had no problems finding the active lava since we spent about 7 days a week in and around the flow fields on the coastal plains. Now it’s heat under the feet and picture time as the people enjoyed the oozing lava on the surface.

When the group had their fill of the hot active surface flows they hiked about 400 ft to where the lava meets the ocean. This night was not like many others, as the Aloha Lava Tours group watched three new lava flows creep over the cliff and drop onto the lava delta creating a different type of lava flow called a’a.

The water temperature at the ocean surface is about 96 degrees as you watch the large pieces of red hot lava floating out to sea and then sinking to the depths. Night filled the sky as our folks filled there cameras with a lifetime of pictures and next years Christmas card. Sarah then prepared them for the hour and half hike back along the inactive old lava fields to our home spot and parking area. The conversations and excitement in there voices as their tired bodies headed for the cars gave us a great sense of satisfaction.

About the Author

Scott Collamore

Scott owns Aloha Lava Tours with his beautiful wife Cheryl. An avid hiker and professional lava enthusiast, Scott has design experience creating hiking trails for Teller County Parks and Recreation in the gold mining town of Cripple Creek Colorado. After years of enjoying the cool mountain ranges, the opportunity to work on an engineering project in Hawaii came and he took it! Now he hikes to the lava at least 4 times a week and heads back to Colorado every fall to get time up in the mountains.

One Comment

  1. We just got back from Hawaii and one of the highlights was this lava tour. Even though it was intense, it was worth the time and effort. We enjoyed surface flow and awesome ocean entry views. The guides and hosts Cheryl and Scott, were knowledgeable of the area and took excellent care of the group. They immediately attended to a guest who had a minor slip. I recommend this unique experience for anyone who is up to it, we were staying on the Kona side and drove miles but it was still a memorable event, unforgettable.
    I suggest staying on the Hilo side to enjoy the volcano park.

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